Dk<sin> [2006-08]

Sextet version by Smash Ensemble [fl. cl. gt. mrb. vl. cll.]


Dk<sin> excerpts by Modelo62 Ensemble

Sextet version [fl. cl. gt. pn. vl. cll.]

Trio version [cl. gt. cll.]


Violin solo version


DK protos - Architecture and Music [2006 - 2013]


Series of pieces based on the building Bodegas Protos.

Toposonia - Urban sound art [2013]


'Topos' [place] 'Sonos' [sound]: Toposonia is a sound intervention designed by the composer Ángel Arranz to celebrate 1000 Years of the Foundation of Peñafiel City.

Toposonía is conceived by understanding the architectural layout of Peñafiel as the only resonant instrument, where circa 120 musicians are spread around several locatons in Peñafiel and participate all together in a sound choreography that plays with the spaces from a acoustic, organic point of view.

Punto Intenso Contra Remisso [2004 - 2008]